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What we do

In the age of information overload, parents are inundated with countless resources when seeking guidance on parenting. A quick internet search yields millions of links to various websites, making the process of sifting through information overwhelming. However, our product is not tailored for the general population of "everyday parents." Instead, our focus lies on parents grappling with the unique challenges posed by children exhibiting specific behavior problems that extend beyond the realm of conventional advice from family members, friends, or generic parenting books.

Our offering is distinct and addresses the specialized needs of parents dealing with behavioral issues that require a nuanced and expert approach. Unlike generic parenting resources, our product is the result of insights derived from experienced behavior analysts specializing in behavior modification. These experts bring a level of precision and expertise crucial for tackling the intricacies of behavior challenges that may not be easily addressed through conventional means.

By recognizing the need for a tailored and specialized solution, we aim to provide a unique resource for parents facing complex behavioral issues in their children. Our product is not just another entry in the vast sea of parenting advice; it is a carefully crafted tool designed to meet the specific requirements of families navigating the terrain of behavior modification with the guidance of seasoned professionals.

Comprehensive behavior resources for parents, right at your fingertips

Our meticulously curated parent resources for behavior management have fostered positive communication and built lasting family connections. They provide expert guidance and actionable strategies by focusing on these key points:

The programs we offer equip parents with the knowledge to implement simple yet effective changes in parenting techniques. By fostering behavior change, parents can navigate challenges and nurture positive behavioral patterns in their children.
Our programs are specifically designed to teach parents how to develop and strengthen appropriate behaviors in children. We focus on assisting parents in teaching and reinforcing essential skills vital to their child’s growth and development.
The Secrets of Modern Parenting video series and the Foundations Family Wellness program are universally applicable to all families. We utilize a practical approach to ensure that parents can implement these strategies regardless of their unique family dynamics.
Within our programs, we include multiple examples and non-examples of each skill and function type. Parents are guided through easy-to-follow steps, making the learning process intuitive and manageable. Trainers present the material in various settings, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of problem behaviors, effective communication, and successful family management.

Fostering the best outcomes for children in the long term

Our range of offerings is a perfect fit for any family who is invested in the best outcomes for their children’s future.

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The Secrets of Modern Parenting (SMP) Video Series

Our SMP video series is designed to empower parents with invaluable insights and practical strategies for navigating the complexities of modern parenting. Whether you're dealing with behavioral issues, communication breakdowns, or simply seeking to strengthen your parenting skills, SMP equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to foster a harmonious family environment.

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Foundations Family Wellness Program

The Foundations Family Wellness program is a comprehensive and holistic approach to family well-being. Through the understanding that a healthy family dynamic is essential for a child's overall development, ABG provides families with a structured framework to build strong foundations. 

The program encompasses various facets of family life, including communication, emotional well-being, and conflict resolution, all aimed at creating a nurturing environment for children to thrive.

Essential child development resources at your fingertips

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img video building relationship

Building Relationships

Create secure emotional and physical connections with your child and teach them to communicate effectively.

img video gaining compliance

Gaining Compliance

Learn about the common reasons why children don’t listen and how you can change that.

img video end arguing

End Arguing

Replace parenting pitfalls with useful strategies to put a stop to arguing in your home.

img video extinguish tantrums

Extinguish Tantrums

Understand the motivations behind tantrums and how you can combat this behavior.

img video eliminate lying

Eliminate Lying

Gain tips and strategies to motivate children to tell the truth.

img video end backtalk

End Backtalk and Disrespect

Learn from a support group how to manage and correct children’s disrespectful behavior.

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