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We empower parents to navigate the complexities of modern parenting.

Parenting in the modern world presents a unique set of challenges. Social media influences, academic pressures, and fast-paced lifestyles create stressors for both parents and children. Moreover, shifting societal norms demand parents to be increasingly mindful of inclusivity and diverse perspectives.

To address these parenting challenges, the Secrets of Modern Parenting™ (SMP) video series offers a wealth of behavior management resources. Each episode is meticulously crafted to assist schools, parents, organizations, and professionals in dealing with behavioral challenges with children.

What sets SMP apart is the secrets the programs unveil — unique insights and techniques that are not only innovative but also remarkably user-friendly. Regardless of your role in a child’s life, these resources for child behavior problems are designed to resonate with everyone.

Leverage evidence-based behavior management resources

Discover a transformative parenting experience with the Secrets of Modern Parenting video series. Here's why parents, educators, and professionals are choosing SMP:

Adaptable interventions

The SMP video series offers adaptable interventions rooted in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. This ensures that parents can tailor strategies to meet their child's specific needs, providing effective guidance in diverse situations.

Comprehensive professional development

SMP uniquely combines live professional development training with an accessible DVD series. This integration allows professionals to enhance their interventions significantly. It also serves as a valuable refresher for parents, teachers, social workers, or any caregiver, enabling them to create enriching environments for children.

Versatility across roles

Whether you're a teacher, a parent, a social worker, or a professional juggling multiple roles, SMP equips you to succeed by providing practical techniques applicable across various settings, ensuring success in working with children.

Targeted core themes

SMP's DVD series centers on crucial aspects of child behavior, such as Extinguishing Tantrums and Eliminating Lying. By honing in on these core themes, parents gain specialized knowledge, enabling them to address specific challenges effectively and create a harmonious family environment.

Scientific rigor and practical implementation

SMP marries the scientific rigor of Applied Behavior Analysis with practical implementation methods. This unique approach provides parents with a comprehensive training experience, bridging the gap between theory and real-life application.

Nurture children's emotional well-being with SMP

Parents choosing SMP gain access to behavior management resources grounded in scientific principles, ensuring the most effective and informed parenting strategies available. Browse our wide range of titles:

img video building relationship

Building Relationships

Create secure emotional and physical connections with your child and teach them to communicate effectively.

img video gaining compliance

Gaining Compliance

Learn about the common reasons why children don’t listen and how you can change that.

img video end arguing

End Arguing

Replace parenting pitfalls with useful strategies to put a stop to arguing in your home.

img video extinguish tantrums

Extinguish Tantrums

Understand the motivations behind tantrums and how you can combat this behavior.

img video eliminate lying

Eliminate Lying

Gain tips and strategies to motivate children to tell the truth.

img video end backtalk

End Backtalk and Disrespect

Learn from a support group how to manage and correct children’s disrespectful behavior.

Begin your journey toward a loving, structured, and peaceful home environment today

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