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Our expert-guided resources provide valuable insights, practical tips, and proven strategies to navigate the complexities of modern parenting successfully.

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Building Relationships

Create secure emotional and physical connections with your child and teach them to communicate effectively.

img video gaining compliance

Gaining Compliance

Learn about the common reasons why children don’t listen and how you can change that.

img video end arguing

End Arguing

Replace parenting pitfalls with useful strategies to put a stop to arguing in your home.

img video extinguish tantrums

Extinguish Tantrums

Understand the motivations behind tantrums and how you can combat this behavior.

img video eliminate lying

Eliminate Lying

Gain tips and strategies to motivate children to tell the truth.

img video end backtalk

End Backtalk and Disrespect

Learn from a support group how to manage and correct children’s disrespectful behavior.

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The Secrets of Modern Parenting (SMP) Video Series

With a focus on evidence-based strategies, SMP equips individuals with practical insights, expert guidance, and actionable solutions to navigate the complexities of contemporary parenting successfully.

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img offering foundations program

Foundations Family Wellness Program

Tailored for families of all backgrounds, this comprehensive initiative delves into essential aspects of family life. Through personalized guidance and evidence-based interventions, families learn to navigate challenges, strengthen relationships, and build resilience together.

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